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20 июля 2017 года

Vadim Ermolaev supports students

инвестор Вадим Ермолаев 

The students of the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology are very lucky in this academic year. That’s all because of the social orientation of the company “UDK” company - where continued the scholarship program, which supports young professionals. Only two categories of students will win funding: students who make outstanding academic achievements; and students from large families, low-income groups and those whose families have suffered from ATO.

It was the initiative of Vadim Ermolaev, one of the founders of the “UDK” company. According to his version, young and promising students experience a lack of motivation to study - scholarship is not enough thus they have to spend more time on part-time work. Ermolaev himself is one of the initiators of the construction of the “UDK” plant from on the part of the Ukrainian business, and his partners are investors from Turkey.

Thanks to the monthly support, 1000 UAH sized, Vadim Ermolaev hopes to encourage students and give them the opportunity to increase their focus on studying - because only knowledge will bring up a new generation of real professionals.


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